Welcome to Savory Tv.

You may wonder, with so many recipe and cooking video sites online, why another?

Simple.  Because Savory Tv weeds out and delivers only the best chef recipes, culinary tips, and videos.  Sorting the gems from the debris out there can be quite the task, especially when your time and grocery money are at stake.  With videos, we try whenever possible to include the recipe (with due credit) or a link to the recipe in the post, to further save your time.  If the video is lacking a written recipe,  we break it down and write it for you. Savory Tv also features restaurant recipes sent in to us via top chefs from around the world. Our goal is to help you demystify gourmet cuisine, and to enable you to create delicious restaurant quality meals from home.

We only feature professional chefs.  Our philosophy is that it’s best to learn from culinary school graduates and restaurant professionals.   We believe that it’s best to not reinvent the wheel and form bad habits, when you may already be slightly frustrated in the kitchen.

Where do we get our content? We work with talented chefs, their publicists, food media, and restaurants from around the world.

While we do feature celebrity chefs quite often (you may have noticed we have lots of love for Mario Batali!), we also are aware that there are an infinite number of lesser known talented chefs to learn from, and we are pleased to introduce them to you. In addition to chef recipes, we also feature chef interviews in our category “Chefs Speak”, culinary tips, and educational cooking ingredient spotlights.

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If you are a chef, a restaurant, or a media representative and would like to share a restaurant recipe, cooking tips, guest post, video, or simply share your story, please contact us. You may reach us here, or at the following email:  Heidi@savory.tv

Thank you for joining us,  and let us know if we can help you in any way.   Cheers! ♥