Ask A Chef

We are pleased to announce a new feature on Savory Tv, Ask a Chef.

Have a question for a chef?
Here’s how it works, if you have a question for a professional chef, send an email to with your question. Please put the words “Chef Question” in the subject line.   Example questions could be anything:  knife recommendations,  how to fix a recipe, how to crack open an egg with one hand.   Please give our chefs sufficient time to answer your questions, but our goal will be to have an answer for you within 2 weeks at most.

Chefs, would you like to help answer questions?
If you are a professional chef, and would like to answer questions, please join us by emailing, and we will put you in our answer pool. Answers may be as short or long as you like. Please put the words “Chef Resources” in the email subject line. When we receive a question, we will rotate from the pool, and send you the select question. If you are busy, on vacation, or do not respond within one week, we will simply send the question to the next chef on the list. All answers will be posted on this page, with proper credit given to you, your site, or your restaurant page.