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This beautiful and simple pumpkin soup features a hint of cardamom, and the end result has the delightful appearance of a cup of cappuccino.   This chef recipe video is brought to us from our friends at Gourmandia, and features French Chef Franck Salein and a translator.  Chef Franck is from Les Sources de Caudalie, a gorgeous four star hotel, vino-therapy spa (hot springs infused with grape vine minerals!), and a gourmet restaurant located in the Bordeaux region of France.

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Colorful, warm, hearty, vegetarian and simple, Mark Bittman‘s artichokes provençal is a strong contender for the perfect holiday appetizer. In this video, Bittman shares his special recipe of braised baby artichokes, garlic, black olives, thyme, and small tomatoes garnished with parsley. Serve it with slices of warm buttered baguette, and prepare yourself for praise!


French Onion Soup

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Autumn has arrived in full swing and we find ourselves betraying our favorite summer foods like a wicked adulteress. We’ve been ditching salads, ignoring the barbecue, and even walking away from one of our best friends, sushi. Instead, our fickle appetites have found a new love, warm and hearty comfort foods. This week our new love is soup, and today, we have a crush on French onion soup.

Made of beef broth, onions, croutons, and cheese, this ancient soup has enjoyed a rebirth beginning in the 1960’s when French food came into vogue in America (I believe we were late to the party!).

Where did it come from? Although onions have always been a staple among poverty stricken diners since ancient Roman times, ironically French onion soup was presumed to have been invented by French royalty, King Louis the XV. The story is that, in his hunting lodge, alone with only onions, butter, and champagne (poor thing), he created the world’s first French Onion Soup.

We love this version by Chef John in this video, and you may find his full written recipe here.

French Onion Soup from Foodwishes on Vimeo.

Do you have a favorite version of French onion soup? Do tell! Post your link or recipe in the comment section below!

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