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Truly, I think these two are the most adorable couple I have ever seen in a kitchen together, and this may be the sexiest cooking video ever!

Striking beauty and actress Debi Mazar, is well known as her role in the film GoodFellas, and currently stars in the series Entourage on HBO.

Tall and handsome Italian chef Gabriele Corcos is her husband, and together they are Under The Tuscan Gun, preparing delicious authentic Italian food together with an undeniable passion.

In this video, Gabriele and Debi prepare Melanzane alla Parmigiana, otherwise known as Eggplant Parmesan, a dish they recommend you cook “not to impress”, but for someone you love.

Just start to watch the video and I promise you’ll be hooked!

Visit their site here for more love, italian kisses, and the complete written recipe.

Gratzi Debi and Gabriele!

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I admit it, I have a small crush on Gino D’Acampo! He’s talented, authentic, and his recipes are tasty!

You can read a chef bio about Gino here.

Napoletana Pizza, from Naples, Italy, is traditionally cooked in a wood fired oven with a well cured oak. And the Italians take their pizza seriously! There is actually an Italian association of strict requirements found here, that pizza makers must comply with to label their pizza as “Napoletana”.

Although there is no doubt that the association would disapprove, Italian Chef Gino D’Acampo prepares a simpler oven cooked version of Napoletana pizza in this video. It’s worth watching just to see his hand gestures!

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Chef Gino D’Acampo is from Napoli, Italy, and began his education at Luigi de Medici Catering College at the age of thirteen! From there he continued his culinary skills in many restaurants in Europe, including Perignon in Nice and as Head Chef at Sylvester Stallone’s Mambo King in Marbella. Currently, Gino is Gino the owner of a leading supplier of Italian ingredients to the UK food industry, Bontà Italia Ltd, and now manufacturing his own pasta sauces and olive oils. Gino is also a celebrity chef who stars regularly on BBC’s Ready, Steady Cook, ITV1’s Daily and Saturday Cooks as well as celebrity food contest Soapstar and Superchef. As if this were not enough, Gino has also published an Italian recipe book titled Fantastico, which won the respectable award of “Gourmet Italian book of the year”.

In this video Gino prepares a tasty treat of goat cheese, mozzarella, and basil stuffed roasted tomatoes.

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Cheese Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes
Chef Gino D’Acampo
Serves 6


6 beef tomatoes
2 tablespoons of crushed walnuts
180g goat’s cheese, without the rind and crumbled
150g Galbani Mini Mozzarella
6 thick slices of white bread
2 tablespoons freshly chopped basil
Salt and pepper to taste

Using a sharp knife, cut a thin slice from the bottom of each tomato and discard then cut the top of each tomato and reserve. Using a teaspoon, carefully scoop out the seeds and most of the pulp and discard, keeping the tomato shells whole.

In a bowl, mix together the mozzarella, walnuts, goat’s cheese and basil. Season with salt and pepper and spoon into the tomato shells. (3 mini mozzarella balls per tomato).

With the help of an 8cm round pastry cutter, stamp out 6 rounds from the bread slices and toast on both sides. When ready, place the bread in a single layer in a lightly oiled ovenproof dish. Place the tomatoes on top of each toasted piece of bread and cook in the middle of a preheated oven at 190º (375°F, gas mark 5) for approximately 15-20 minutes until the cheese mixture looks melted and golden. (Make sure that the tomatoes are not too soft).

Serve immediately and drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil on top.

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