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Sushi School: Tuna Roll

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Making sushi at home can be a super fun activity and much more affordable than dining out.  Our videos today showcase Chef Shirley Cheng from the Culinary Institute of America, demonstrating an easy recipe for making tuna maki, aka a tuna roll.  The first video is very short and discusses the preparation of the short grain rice, which can be made via a rice cooker or on the stove.  The second video is a presentation of the assembly and rolling of the maki itself, and she serves the roll sliced and plated beautifully with wasabi, ginger, and julienned daikon radish. Depending on where you live, the ingredients and the bamboo sushi mat may be found in a typical grocery store, Whole Foods, or any Asian market. Interesting food for thought that Shirley mentions: sushi chef training in Japan requires 3 years of study.

The beauty of this basic maki technique is that you can be creative and craft your roll however you wish!  Substitute salmon for tuna, cucumber for avocado, or add shredded carrots.  Itadakimasu (let’s eat)!

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