Wine Pairing

A few helpful basic wine and food pairing guides for your reference:

Via the Kendall Jackson wine rep:

White and red wine matching, and champagne pairing charts provided to us via Shop Bloom:

Temperature matters. From our friends at Zagat Buzz, a quote from Chris Campbell, owner and wine expert of Boston’s Troquet restaurant:

“Serving temperature is critical. So many people serve their white wines too cold and their red wines too warm. When whites are too cold, the flavors are numb and most of the wine’s nuances are hidden. If a red wine is served too warm, the fruit is over-powered by alcohol and the wine will burn the back of your mouth with its tannins. I suggest taking white wine out of the refrigerator 10–15 minutes before opening it, and putting red wine into the refrigerator for 20 minutes before opening it.”